Bustachio's Bistro

Love to eat? Us too. Traveling, and especially camping, sets the expectations high for Flavortown. At least in our minds. When we did the Tiny House & Simple Living Jamboree in Austin, TX in August 2018, we did some really easy prep meals. People were going to be ogling Bustachio, so we didn’t want to have a lot of extra dishes to wash and put away. Plus it was HOT outside and we didn’t need that extra heat from cooking inside the bus. Now though, on our first “real” weekend getaway, we were going to eat well, and we were going to officially christen our Camp Chef stove.

First up, breakfast.  After some delish pour-over coffee, we got to work making scrambled fresh-from-our-own-chickens eggs, organic chicken maple sausages, and gluten-free gingerbread pancakes. If you’ve ever had the big-as-your-face pancakes at the original Kerby Lane in Austin, then you understand how delish these can be. The convenient mix was easy to prep and we weren’t disappointed. Add some berries and heated real maple syrup (set the bottle in some boiling water) and we dug in.

After hiking and still full from the above, we had grapes, hummus, almond crackers, cheese, and some Moscato for an afternoon snack. Earlier, we met some great folks on the trail, and they stopped by to tour the bus just as we started munching. We offered to share, but they said they were full on goldfish and Texas-shaped tortilla chips with salsa, so they mostly just admittedly coveted our snacks in their minds.

We were hungry after biking and power napping, so it was time for dinner! We love salmon and especially love the convenience of the flavored salmon patties from our local H.E.B. These had some jalapenos and onions and were super easy to saute on the stove. Roasted veggies are another fav, and we picked asparagus as the prep and cooking time is minimal. With a good quality olive oil, sea salt, and freshly cracked black pepper covering the little spears, in the oven they went.

Dessert, yes please. Snickerdoodle cookies with some 86% dark chocolate squares broken up and smashed into the dough were just what we needed to satisfy our sweet tooth.

And that was just day one!!! But you get the idea. All in all, we were extremely pleased of the functionality of our Camp Chef stove, the utensils and cookware we stocked the bus with, not to mention the magnificent dining table our good friend gifted to us. We did take notes and put a few items on our wish list that would improve the efficiency in our meal prep. But that is a post for another day.