Better With Friends

As we are still fine-tuning details on working remotely in order to travel for longer periods of time, our trips of late have been quickies to close-by natural areas. On our 2nd trip we, along with two great couples, camped at Cedar Ridge on Lake Belton in Texas. Bustachio arrived first, and we backed into a lovely lakeside spot. Our friends arrived just a little later. Their trailer RV’s are quite different. One is an efficiency model for sure, everything you need with no wasted space. The other is extra large with pop-outs and recliners and way more space. We felt we had all body types represented, as well as varying decors. It was fun to see how others managed their spaces and we each gleaned a little intel on dos and don’ts that had worked in the past.

We chatted, we hiked, we ate, we laughed, but there’s something about a campfire that melts away our everyday masks, and we allow ourselves to be real and vulnerable. Or maybe it was just the spirits? Who knows? We do know that conversation flows more readily around dancing flames, and it was heartwarming to share our hopes, dreams, and fears. We all felt it. We learned a lot more about each other and realized that we had even more in common than we previously knew.  As the sharing slowly turned to silence, we knew it was time for bed. The weather report let us down, and the unanticipated dampness and chilly winds sent us inside to put on our flannels and get some rest.

Waking up with coffee and a full breakfast waiting to be devoured is always a plus. When you camp with friends, it’s always a good idea to divvy up the cooking responsibilities. It makes the whole meal prep thing easier and more enjoyable. Since the wind was still blowing, we ate in our friends’ extra large RV and did our best to leave no food behind.

Some out-of-state friends of ours were coming through our area of Texas to see us and another set of their friends. We invited them to visit us and Bustachio while at Cedar Ridge but wondered where they needed to go to visit the other friends. As a weird coincidence, the other set of friends were also camping at Cedar Ridge, just a few sites away, to attend a Mother Earth News presentation that we had no idea was happening. So their other friends became our friends, and our other friends became their friends, and we all left with a larger circle than when we arrived.

Take the time to get away, if even for one night. The benefits of removing yourself from your usual surroundings far outweigh any anxiety prep. You’ll come home relaxed and renewed and ready to see your usual world in a whole new way. As we like to say, “Flip the switch.”