The Author with the Bus

Hey there, Sheri here. Recently I had the privilege to speak at a local elementary school in a neighboring town. Specifically, I talked about the writing process and read my bestseller Silly Milly the Dane to 120 delightful third graders.  I also made my sister (developer of The Brighter Rewriter Teachers Pay Teachers store) tag along and help me work the crowd. She was a third-grade teacher for many, many years and she passed on some tips and tricks to engage the students. They were so inquisitive and asked everything from “What made you want to write books?” to “Are you scared of Milly” and horrifyingly, “How old are you?” Props to the dad of the little boy who responded with “But you look thirty!” when I hesitantly answered the age question.  I’m pretty sure they enjoyed hearing the book and reciting one of the repeating lines along with me. The teachers appreciated that I mirrored the same writing process steps that they teach, so it was a wonderful practical application lesson for their kids. By far though, the most popular part of the presentation was the slideshow of the real Milly and all the photographs I used for inspiring many lines of the book.

What the heck does this have to do with the bus? So, this was all possible because my husband attended a Cars and Coffee meeting in our city a month or so ago. I was out of town, the Facebook post said, “any vehicle with wheels welcome,” so Marty decided to go! The car owners were just a tad surprised when our pistachio-colored bus rolled into the parking lot. If they didn’t notice Bustacho then, they definitely noticed him backing into his parking spot. That reverse beeping borders on annoying, though I know it is an important, essential safety feature that we won’t disconnect.

Once settled, visitors started trickling in to tour the bus. We keep a guest book in Bustachio so we can collect names and emails and well wishes to stay connected with all our new friends. One sweet family that walked in started chatting with Marty beyond the usual skoolie conversion questions. They were discussing occupations, and when the mom stated “I’m a third-grade teacher,” Marty mentioned I was an author of several children’s books. A few business card and email exchanges later, and my presentation was on the calendar at her school for “Read Across America Day!”

It was such a meaningful experience to interact with those students. And, it was all because of Bustachio (and Marty) as I am very hesitant to put myself out there to mix and mingle. I’m looking forward to attending the next Cars and Coffee. Who knows who I will meet...