True Confessions AND Concessions - by Sheri

There is not an adventurous bone in my body.  Not. One. I’ve spent my life mostly in the confines of my self-made bubble to appear somewhat in control.  Early childhood bullying does that to a person - just sayin’. Self-protection = safe, vulnerability = scary.  Over the years, when asked if I’m competitive, my canned response is always, “Sure, I’m competitive when I’m certain I can win.”  Not sure why that was relevant, but it was funny right? Anyway, I did no research about converting a school bus into a skoolie. I didn’t listen to any podcasts.  I didn’t read any of the fabulous blog posts that I just found today when I googled “Skoolie living.” I had watched some reality TV shows about bus life though. All those people were younger, hip, fearless types that didn’t seem to give a hoot (not the word I really want to use) about what other people might think.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think a few months later, Marty and I would be putting the finishing touches on our own school bus conversion and embarking on our new journey.

Now Marty has done his due diligence.  He watched YouTube, listened to podcasts, read important stuff.  He was ready. Marty looks at challenges as opportunities and is always optimistic.  I figure he’s been leading our family whole heartedly for 34 years, so who am I to question his sanity now?  Secretly, I’m excited and ready to give Bustachio a try. Can I survive without an indoor shower? Is the diesel engine going to be too loud when we’re driving?  Will the dry flush toilet be completely odorless?  But those discussions are for another day.  As for now, adventure awaits.