A unicorn and a shopper enter a store… - by Sheri

I love to shop!  Well, bargain hunt would be more of an accurate term.  Bargain hunting happened to be a valuable skill when decorating and stocking Bustachio.  Thankfully our current financial situation is stable, but I still like to watch my dollars and sense, if you know what I mean.  During this process though, I have uttered one four-letter word more than any other - ROSS. Ross is a heavenly dreamland filled with enchanting overstock, deals, and steals that one doesn’t know they want - no NEED - until they spy the mystical treasures on the seemingly mundane shelves.  I’ve even seen a unicorn trot through the aisles, leaping effortlessly over shopping carts in its path! Truth. Once I decided on a color scheme, I was able to start accumulating purchases, spreading out the expense over a period of months.  As of this writing, my home office is stacked with Bustachio’s goodies just waiting to be put into place. To be fair, I also scored some savings at Target, Hobby Lobby, Marshall’s, and Kirkland’s (all unicorn-worthy as well).  I rotate through all these fine establishments’ sales and clearance sections, keep each of their apps updated, and hang on to my receipts in case something doesn’t work or fit, or I change my mind.  As a bonus, I am now officially old enough to qualify for a Senior Discount. Ten percent savings is still savings! Yes, I realize it’s important that our bus runs, and is safe and road-ready (blah, blah, blah), but that’s Marty’s department.