All of our traveling dreams are riding on this...

Can high school sweethearts who’ve been married 30+ years survive a Skoolie conversion?

The Transformation

All About Us

We at WALLS ON THE BUS recently christened our Skoolie.  A dear family friend commented, "The paint looks like a cool, refreshing bowl of pistachio ice cream."  With the current popularity of word mashing, Marty cleverly combined the color with the vehicle, giving Bustachio his new identity.

Bustachio is a 1997 International Harvester 3800 T444E.  It’s conventional Type C chassis was manufactured by Navistar International and houses a power stroke 7.3 liter V8 Diesel Engine.  Originally designed in conjunction with Ford Motor Company, the Harvester was primarily used for school and commercial bus applications.  With its carrying capacity at just under one and a half tons, this sturdy vehicle made the rounds to various street corners every morning and afternoon, safely delivering children of all ages to their respective locations.  After being replaced at school with a younger streamlined version, this 1997 model got a makeover with cool, fresh colors on the outside and comfortable living space on the inside. No longer a school bus, Bustachio travels the roads, making all the stops, not for necessity, but for fun.

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